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Vision of JDMT

          Dr.John Devavaram, during his life time, touched upon myriad of social causes and his impact could be felt across the development spectrum.

The cause that was closest to his heart though, was the education, welfare, empowerment, and safety of children. A family trust in his name “John Devavaram Memorial Trust” was created to continue his vision and passion in the year 2021.

In this regard the Trust which would continue his vision towards children and socially neglected people focused primarily in the region he worked.

Mission of JDMT

          JDMT provides support to children who are marginalized and underprivileged to pursue their higher education.

We provide support in their health through medical camps and basic remedies.

We also aim to bring about good facilities for children by renovating and supporting enhancement of classrooms and toilets to increase Hygiene.

We provide support guidance to students on the various success path to follow after high school through career guidance camps.

Our Causes

John Devavaram Memorial Trust aims in providing support to children who are marginalized and underprivileged. The Trust works to meet the need of the children and lend hands for various causes which includes Higher education, Health Camps, Career Guidance, Sanitation improvement projects, Stationery support for poor children and access to Common Library. 

Our Beneficiaries

Education Support Program

Approximately JDMT has supported 15+ students to pursue their higher education.

Covid Relief

JDMT has supported 100+ families by disturbuting covid releif materials.

Stylishlyyou Initiative

Around 50+ Children got benefitted with the help of Green Trends through Stylishlyyou Initiative

Sanitary Initiative

Around 600+ school students got benefitted through Sanitary Initiative

Our Latest Events

Year - 2021

Education support program

The trust started small with family funds and using it we were able to support higher education.

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Year - 2022

Education support program

The trust slowly grew up its branches and were able to support more needy children who had a poor family background and needed higher education support.

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Year - 2023

Education support program

Successfully entering into the 3rd year we got record number of entries for whom education support was needed.

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