Successfull events conducted by JDMT

Education Support program: Feb 16, 2021

The trust started small with family funds and using it we were able to support higher educational needs (Tuition Fees) for multiple children in our working area who could not afford to join college after 12th standard due to various reasons.

COVID Support Program: June 03, 2021

As part of John Devavaram Memorial Trust, we provided relief materials in villages and offered study materials to children for having the touch in studies and also basic relief materials to families to keep them up and running during this critical period. We had to overcome this situation as a family and push us through this tough times.

Orphan School Birthday Celebration: Sep 20, 2021

As part of the trust together with Green Trends Celebrated birthdays of Orphan school children and also provided beauty makeovers to the poor children. This created a great happiness in their mind and also they were able to look stylish which only the privileged kids could afford to. Thanks to Green Trends Thirunagar for the support and being a part of #Stylishlyyou initiative as part of JDMT.

Education Support Program: Feb 16, 2022

The trust slowly grew up its branches and were able to support more needy children who had a poor family background and needed higher education support. The event also witnessed a more touching moments where the beneficiaries from last year shared their witnesses on how JDMT helped transform their lives and how grateful to the deeds done by the Trust. Happy to have started the Ripple effect.

School Renovation Support: Dec 10, 2022

JDMT conducted a survey on the schools in villages and identified some core schools which has more number of students and produces great results in both academic and sports but has some basic needs missing like Sanitation facilities, classrooms and restrooms. As part of the third year support of JDMT, we selected one such school in Salaimaraikulam a village near Arupukottai. We initiated the process of renovating the Girls and Boys restrooms to a more modern look and child friendly. Work in Progress.

Education Support program: Feb 16, 2023

Successfully entering into the 3rd year we got record number of entries for whom education support was needed. Though all the profiles were genuine, we had to filter out and support only the neediest children. The event was well organized with a lot of Media coverage and many village Presidents who witnessed and shared their memories of Dr.John Devavaram. Also the beneficiaries shared their success stories and how it helped them settle in life.

Sanitation Support Program: Aug 20, 2023

Under the auspices of the John Devaram Memorial Trust, we are delighted to announce the successful completion of the school's restroom facilities' renovation project. This initiative, beyond a physical upgrade, symbolizes our dedication to fostering optimal learning conditions. The revamped facilities aim to provide students with a dignified and comfortable space, recognizing the profound impact of a conducive environment on the educational experience.